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Not sure what to think about this


I most likely don’t have the whole story… I only have my daughter’s side of story… but my daughter was saying that in her last session with the outpatient therapist yesterday, she felt that the therapist didn’t really take something that she shared seriously. It was something about the mood swing she would have due to the voices she had before she started medication. She felt like the therapist didn’t really believe her…

At least that is the impression that my daughter got from a response the therapist gave… or maybe the lack of response…

I also came in at the end of this conversion my daughter was having about this with my wife., after coming upstairs from doing laundry…


It happens, drs don’t always say the right things


I agree with @Moonwalker . One thing I have learned about therapy is that drs are people too, and make mistakes. You have to give them a break. Your daughter and your family only have to keep up with her issues and keep them straight in your head. Imagine if you had to do this for dozens or hundreds of patients each with complicated histories and symptoms, and different levels of trustworthiness of self diagnosis or self-awareness.

I’d think it would be hard to keep it all straight if it was my job and I only saw them periodically. Considering the complexities of our stories, and our imperfect ways of telling them, something’s bound to get lost in translation or not noted in your chart.


There is a relationship dynamic in therapy, just like with your mechanic, eye doctor, etc…
If you daughter feels like she needs a different personality in her therapist in order to feel understood, it might be a good idea to look for just that.
But, considering this could be a “one off” occurrence, I agree with others who have replied… Not everyone says exactly the right thing all the time.


it was an one time occurrence and most of the time the therapist had been understanding.