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Novel antipsychotic approved by FDA

This is a link to a Medscape Psychiatry article about a new antipsychotic that has been FDA approved and is scheduled for release in 2020.

The medication targets serotonin and glutamate in addition to dopamine and so appears to have some effect on the negative symptoms of the disorder as well as the positive symptoms.

Initial trials suggest that it does tend to have a sedating effect as compared to placebo and dry mouth for some but otherwise the side effect profile looks good.

Sadly, because clinical trials of necessity are relatively brief, it seems to take quite a few years of actual use before the true longer-term effects (both desired and unintended) become clear.

Still, the release of a new medication that works significantly differently than existing medications is a good thing.

Happy New Year and I wish a positive 2020 for all of us and our loved ones.


Has anyone tried this medication yet? I work at a psychiatrist office and they brought samples today. Iā€™m so interested! Please tell me everything that you know!

@Itsastruggle Please let me know if anyone has any additional information on this medication. I work in a psych office and everyone knows that I would like feedback on this new medication.