On top of the world today...day 15 not smoking!

I wish I had stopped smoking a lot earlier but it has finally happened it seems and it puts me so full of energy just anticipating my new life without cigarettes. My girlfriend is really supportive and kept me from falling down a couple of times. I cleaned the house today and did chores and feel finally like “this is it”…it’s the best time of my life without cigarettes.

Congrats again.

You’ll feel HORRIBLE if you have another so just don’t chew gum or something good job!!

thanks Bryan, this will be my last post on how far I’m on stopping smoking now. I just can’t believe I finally beat it…yes @neveragain it is a long way to fall if I ever picked them back up. Thank God for nicotine gum…life saver.

Good for you!

I’m not sure what the time frame is however I do believe that once you are a couple of weeks in that you may hit a rough spot as the built up of nicotine in your system gets used up. Just a heads up so that if it does happen you are prepared.

thanks Barbie, that already happened. I almost fell down about day 12 or so when I found a bag of old cigarettes I had put away. I threw them away and it’s been smooth sailing…on day 12 I was out of nicotine gum and that really helps to have around. My mom bought me some more gum and now that pay day is almost here I will have more money if I ever need to buy another box of gum. I plan on weaning off the nicotine gum and switching to sugar free gum after about 10 weeks. you are so kind Barbie.

Congratulations! Your life will be better in many different ways if you don’t smoke.

Good for you, jukebox.

Very glad for you… keep up the hard work.

You are doing great… it takes a lot of strength to kick this. I’m happy for you for doing it.

Congrats Jukebox - Great job!

Good for you!!!

Yayyy! juckbox!!!
Life is looking cleaner, healthier and gosh darn, treat yourself to something extra special for doing so well.
What’s the first meal your going to cook? Yummmy!

You’re on a roll and you have momentum. Build on it.