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Angie got a job ! so happy


She starts in a couple of days and it is such a burden lifted off our shoulders not having to worry about her getting a job anymore! Now if I could just stop smoking again…haha…yeah, I know. rotsa ruck. haha.


congratulations! what type of job did she get?


It’s a laundry position at a casino hotel. she gets full benefits plus a raise every ninety days.


That’s awesome! I’ve never heard of a place that gives a raise 90 days. I’ve only gotten raises once a year at my previous jobs. It sounds like it will be a good place to work.


yes we are quite happy about it…thanks bipolar bear…I take back what I said about you. I apologize. I’ve been under stress which agitates me and I lash out sometimes.


It’s no problem, i understand. I don’t take it personally. I understand sometimes I get on peoples nerves. I also become agitated while under stress.


Congratulations! I’m happy for you, Jukebox.


I’m glad you and Angie are finally hitting some happier times. Good luck


Jukebox, consider ecigs, they work out about 10% the cost of cigarettes per month.