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I think and this is from my personal observation that we think they get bored but in their mind they are very busy and may be the way we define being bored is different since we look at this based on our experience and the way our brain works. I hope this was helpful but I understand each person is different. At least this has been the way that has helped me with my own coping.

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Our son, 36, is into music, guitar and drums. Was in bands in past for drums, but that died with SZ. But now with the right meds is back to his music. Learning the guitar on his own via computer. He is on SSD, so has not worked, but now seems like he would like to try?


@hope I hope your son is doing all right. I’m so sorry to hear about his cancer. I remember reading a lot about your son when I first joined this forum. I admire how you found ways to make things work, even when he refused medication. I hope I’m remembering right.

I’m sending positive thoughts to you and your son.

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@Hummingbird Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. Yes, that’s our Jeb. Always refusing meds due to his severe anosognosia. We just kept working the different solutions, using Amador’s LEAP and finally doing things we were afraid to do - just to discover Jeb’s thoughts about what would work, did work. Well, with some boundaries put into place by us.

My Family to Family class had 3 instructors. Two of them have lost their adult children since our class. One had a wonderful recovery on clozapine and drowned on a camping trip. The other instructor’s child was also properly medicated and doing well. Sadly, her son had drug abuse issues and struggled to take care of his diabetes, despite having a high paying career. It is difficult to keep our kids alive.

So kind of you to respond, I really appreciate your presence and friendship on the forum all these years. You have helped so many families by sharing your successes and struggles on your son’s journey.

Thank you for the positive thoughts, the next couple of months won’t be easy. He has put up a tremendous fight in his battle. We are heartbreakingly proud of him.

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All the responses in this thread are a great comfort as I guide my son through another, this time, mild psychotic episode.

Meds help. It took 30 years to get here.

This SZ support group means a lot to me.

Come hike in the tranquil hills and mountains if Vermont.

Bonjour du Vermont


Your situation sounds ideal for both of you