Other kids who lead normal lives


I looked for the cake after I saw your post because I had no idea!! Thanks. Virtual cake is good. No calories. Lol.


It’s a fun anniversary marker - time does keep going :slight_smile: :birthday:



Extremely difficult to live with, difficult to digest, my heart literally hurts every day. I worry about that too, what if something happens to me, will he be one of these old homeless men I see on the streets collecting food from a garbage can and talking to himself??? I can’t bear that image, so painful!

I feel your pain my friend. but your need to keep fighting for your son. may be you can try the Monthly Injection: Invega-sustena may help. tried it… it will take few months. start with 156mg dose then if he still sick, then got o 234mg. at least 3 family members I know get better with the Invega-sustena shot, dsoe:234mg

Wishing you and all us better outcome during this holiday season.


Thank you for your kind words. May all of us find the strength somehow to endure this hell, until our last dying breath, in the name of our mentally ill loved ones :two_hearts: