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Oxytocin is life changing for us

I am no expert, but I wanted to share that oxytocin nasal spray has been life changing for us. I liken it to insulin for a diabetic, in our case.

It is no cure, but it allows my son to be more comfortable, less symptomatic, generally keeps us out of public crisis. That said, he needs help to take it— would probably not left on his own— and it needs to be every few hours ( 4-6?)… so not at all convenient. AND it has to be refrigerated… even less convenient… AND it’s very expensive.

Realistically, ok, he can not take care of himself…he can not clean or remember to do things, in general. But he seems to be able to act normal for brief amounts of time and enjoy some things he could not participate in before …all .depends on my factors. Kinda like if your kid is interested in miniature trains, but previously could not go to an exhibit comfortably, but with the spray, can go ( not drive or organize event in any way , but still…) and have enjoyment and interact with people. I need to either be with him or be near by in a few hours to insure compliance… and sometimes he waits too long, and we have mini- crisis…but he knows we can get the spray - and it will help, not 100 percent, but hugely.

He has side effects from the meds he was on, and we may try more, but the will be the main treatment at this time… we have only been at this less than a year, so… I’m sure This whole situation will be evolving.

This Rx is compounded by a sterile licensed compounding pharmacy. And, if shipped, must be packed cold. It’s all inconvenient, but it’s where we are at.

It’s great to see all these posts! I have been a relatively isolated parent juggling an adult w a schizo diagnosis and all that goes with that and the rest of life. Glad to have found you all…

Of course, I can not advise anyone, but did want to share about the nasal spray…seems not so much about it on here, I was surprised because there are recent studies of oxytocin and schizophrenia.


I think it is great that you have found something workable that helps your son. Anything that helps inch up the comfort of our loved ones is a real plus.

Thanks, it’s not perfect, and I am looking forward to reading up on some of the most successful protocols others have found and work towards greater results. I think oxytocin has primarily been used as an adjunct to other treatments.

Interesting read:

American Psychological Association

Oxytocin has been on a joy ride for 20 years

oxytocin was first discovered in 1909

influence on behavior in animals and humans, including bonding, trust, anxiety and social understanding

higher levels of oxytocin are associated with giving more money to charity, and, in women, having more friends, having better romantic relationships and having more sex.

I purchased a case of it for my girl friend lol

Oxytocin Pheromone Spray for Men and Women PherLuv Attractant for Men and Women

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We are using an Rx.
In our case, reducing inflammation is helpful, so Advil helps a lot, but, of course, it wears off.

There are studies and new trials available.

I like this study even though it is not specific to schizophrenia, I suspect similarities may be why we are getting results:

My two cents. I’d be careful with the stuff, as the effects may be different for different people and brain chemistries. Pretty much all of my destabilizing situations have been rebounds from love affairs.

Whether this is from dopamine flooding or oxytocin, it’s a little hard to say. Your mileage may vary.

Excellent point.
Agree. We sure are extremely cautious with any prescription medication.
I’m not sure that this prescription necessarily creates the same chemistry as relationship oxytocin, although I don’t have a scientific article, It would be great if a method for identifying who it would benefit and who it would be detrimental for was available ( as with any drug, actually); I guess we are getting to closer to this with genetic drug matching/ direction like GeneSight, but personally don’t swear by GeneSight because I felt it was not helpful for my son.

The biggest issue I’ve heard with this prescription is the starting dose is usually so low, patients ( who take for variety of diagnoses) complain it doesn’t do anything at all. If they don’t hang in long enough to safely and incrementally increase dose, like many other prescriptions, they sometimes give up on it.

Maybe he is just deficient and that’s why it is working so well for him. I have no idea, really. It does seem like insulin for a diabetic in his case, so? I thought it had something to do with the schizophrenia, but I could be way off— and it could be two separate co-existing issues.

We are never comparing apples to apples, so, right, everyone’s different.

I sure would stay away from some bottles that look like they are from a gas station or infomercial - and only get a prescription from a reputable pharmacy licensed for sterile preparations, and ideally the Rx from a doctor with experience prescribing, but the latter may be difficult if someone’s doctor is just beginning to use with certain patients.

Staying away from it will definitely save money!