Picking food from the gabbage

Food picking from the garbage bin.
Why would my daughter who is battling bipolar and schizo pick things from garbage? How can i persuade her to stop? it is common with others/

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Have you asked her why?

My son does some weird things from time to time, but he always has a reason, even if it’s not one I really understand. If he doesn’t want to say, his new standard answer is it’s complicated.

Maybe she thinks it’s frugal or that you shouldn’t waste things.
Maybe it’s a hoarding type thing?
As long as the food isn’t rotten or spoiled, it probably won’t hurt her even if it’s distasteful to other people.

I try not to really react to much and take as much as I can in stride, easier said than done a lot of time, but it doesn’t seem to help if I get worked up about things.

@ted I would say it can be a symptom, when my son was still delusional- he was stopped by police many times for dumpster diving behind restaurants and shopping centers after hours for all sorts of reasons-not necessarily food, and he almost got us evicted from one apartment for that very reason…tenants felt he was looking for things to steal identities…and of course he would have never thought of that…I was constantly telling him that doing it could make him ( and me) homeless and he also ended up with upper respiratory infections on a couple of occasions and I feel it was because of his exposure to bacteria and whatever else…I think I put some fear in him about going back into the dumpsters…He hasn’t done it ever since he has been stable. If he ever started doing it again I would know his meds were not working.


My dad is a hoarder and digs tags from clothing that are bright colored from the trash. I think it’s something they can’t explain and I just let him keep his trash treasures. You sometimes help ease the stress on yourself by not trying to figure it out and just go with it

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@Daddysbaby If you don’t mind my asking: Is your Dad on medication?

He is on medicine now he’s on the invega injection. He’d taken Zyprexa in the past

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If it is possible I would keep his doctor informed on the behaviors you see because if he is still having delusions even on the Invega shot then It is possible that an adjustment is still needed. Best of luck.

@Catherine what do you mean delusions? Him being a hoarder isn’t delusional is it? I mean I don’t hoard things and have a clean house, but are hoarders I’ve seen the show on TV they are delusional?

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@Daddysbaby You had mentioned in a previous post about your Dad thinking he was Jesus Christ or Righteous Lord Holy. That was the delusions I was referring to.

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I attended a food pantry discussion at my church, the director of the food warehouse said to donate the food after the expired date on the can. Reality is that it’s safe to eat. Don’t throw it away because it’s expired, donate it instead.

Boy did that open up a can of worms with us sitting in the audience! Food pantries won’t accept food from anyone including the warehouse if it’s past the date on the packaging.

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Thank you all for your great contributions. I think my daughter craving for food especially sugar. She will still pick things from the gabbage after a big meal.