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Please help if somebody have solution to make aware the patient he needs to go to doctor

I am from India.
My dear relative is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia since last 20 years. When diagnosed we took him to Doctors. ECT treatment was given. After 3-4 years and again after 3-4 years he had relapse. ECT treatment was given every time. In between medication was given. He stopped to visit doctor and refused taking medicines. His mother is giving him medicines without his knowledge(through food). Because of medicine he is assuming he is normal and nothing is happened to him. Now the dilemma is we cannot give him medicines without his knowlede forever. Doctor is also insisting to bring him and he is refusing the suggestion as he feels normal. We fear if we stops his medicine relapse will happen.
Hope if anybody has some practical solution.

You can read this book and also watch videos. Many of us have read this book and tried the LEAP technique. Look on youtube for the videos. Dr. Amador’s brother was ill and finally after years of trying to get him on medication, he developed this technique. I had to force the medication for my son.


What has happened that you can’t continue to give him medicines without his knowledge? Has something changed?

I understand the problem. My daughter cannot see her own illness. She is taking monthly shots right now because they were ordered by a court after her arrest. (has had 2 so far) If it wasn’t for the court order, she definitely would not have taken her 2nd shot. I am hoping she will take the third. She cannot see the benefit of the shot, because she doesn’t know she is ill. I can for sure see the difference though.

LEAP can help, if you learn the method. I started with small things, like just getting her to take more food from me. Or to take daily walks.

I wish you luck.

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