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Son won’t take meds

My son has paranoid schizophrenia. He’s had it since he was 19. He’s now 29. He went off his meds almost 2 years ago and I can’t get him to go back on. If I try to talk to him about it and he becomes very angry and reminds me that I forced him to take them when he didn’t need them and caused him to have schizophrenia. When I try to reason with him by saying regardless of how he got schizophrenia he has it and it needs to be treated he refuses that he has it and says I’m tryin to get him to take medicine he doesn’t need. He then becomes very unrational and starts yelling in my face. It’s very scary as he has attacked me once before although I will say he’s really not a violent person. I don’t know how to convince him he needs the meds and I’m frustrated with the system since they will only hospitalize him if he’s a danger to himself at others. He’s neither. I think I could have the courts otder it but I think he would only get his shot once before taking off and living on the streets. Which he thinks is an option, although right now he’s living with my mother. I’m so sad and at the end of my rope. If you have any suggestions I would be so grateful to her them. Thank you.

The book “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help” is a good place to start. Dr Amador, the author also has several good videos for free on youtube regarding the book and his LEAP method.

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Many of us on this site understand what you are going through. My daughter is unmedicated by choice, even though after one hospitalization she was on a shot that really helped her. She does not think she needs any meds. She always quits them when she gets out of the hospital. She cannot see her own odd behavior. Lack of insight, or anosognosia, is something you should look up and learn about. It is talked about in the book Hope recommended too. Because finding the right medicine is often trial and error and could take several years, the person needs to agree to stay on the meds. It often does not happen. Arguing with your son when he clearly believes he doesn’t need them is probably hurting your relationship. I did it with my daughter for 2 years. I no longer argue with her about meds, and our relationship is much better.


Here are two posts that provide lots of information that may be of help:


and downloadable books:

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