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Plus Us Too - Mental Health Monday


Published on Feb 2, 2015
Hi guys! So today I’m talking about CBT and my experience with it. I know a few people were asking me about what it is and what you do in it so here it is!


Plus Us Too is a new mental health awareness organisation, founded in January 2015 by our video presenter, mental health sufferer and activist, Dan Simpson.

After recieving some Youtube awarness, we now consist of the Plus Us Too Youtube Channel, where a Mental Health Monday episode is aired every week along with a Skype Saturday episode on the first Saturday of every month, along with our Facebook page, and the Plus Us Too website. Our aim at Plus Us Too is to be as interactive with our audience as possible so we can help stop stigma, and encourage people to seek help if they need it.

His Self-Harm video may be triggering.


The below interview by Dan is me :blush: I wasn’t comfortable with being on Skype so he read my part for me. I think he did a great job.

Published on Mar 8, 2015
Hi guys! On today’s Skype Saturday I interviewed a woman who is a mother and carer for son who has schizophrenia. She has a lot of fantastic insight into schizophrenia and it was fantastic to get her knowledge from a carers perspective, as well as a mothers. So I hope you enjoy the episode and please check out the Facebook Page for her blog which is below.