Poem for my Mom's birthday

So, I m terrible at expressing how I feel through actions. Most of the time, I write out my feelings to people. I stutter a lot and sometimes am hard to understand. As a result, my mother sometimes things I do not think much of or about her. However, this is not true. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I decided to write her a poem. So…I need critique, because I don’t want her to be confused or get the wrong message.
So,errrr here is a random poem -_-

I do not think anyone could be
As caring as you are to me.

Your smile grants the day new life;
Your love melts away my strife.

A love that’s pure–by hell untouched.
The love my mother gives so much.

In blaze of storms you grow your will–
A glowing soul no challenge can kill.

And so, I yell to all the Earth:
God bless the anniversary of Mother’s birth!

…yeah :grimacing:

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Sure, it’s fine. Mother’s love stuff like that from their kids.

This mother would absolutely love to receive this from one of my children. It is beautiful and you are a very thoughtful person to create that for her. She will cherish it forever!

That is the most awesome poem. If my son sent that to me I would cherish it always.

How did your mother like the poem? My guess is that she loved it.

She hasn’t seen it yet. On her birthday, she feel ill on her birthday morning(she has been a bit sickly the past year or so). I am still going to give it to her, however. I just want to give it to her when she has recovered. She has been very tired and resting a lot. I think she will be up again by Friday. I will give it to her then. I’ll keep you guys updated :smile:

My thought is to give it to her while she’s ailing. It might cheer her up!

It’s a beautiful poem and she will love it!