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Here and here, how long did he live in the backyard? And where did he go after that? Thank you



About six months, then he asked to come back into the house and we agreed. All I requested was basic politeness and a time of quiet at night.

It was just a really hard time for all of us and I did it just so I could sleep some hours each night. It’s been more than four years since family member moved back inside and I feel really bad about this time, but I couldn’t think of another option and still can’t, for that matter.

Tent, shed, gazebo, yurt, small camper, lean-to… There are homeless shelters, but my family member was way too ill to follow the rules and all regular social expectations. God, what a terrible illness this is.

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Where is he now. I will be moving to a condo - no backyard and it snows here.



It snows where we live too. He came in in late January agreeing to basic politeness and quiet at night during certain hours.

He spent two and a half years in varying levels of psychosis living here and only during episodes did things get untenable. He also ran away a lot and apparently did go sleep outdoors and things like that during that time. It was very, very difficult.

Now, our family has been relatively lucky. Our son became extremely ill and finally started to receive court-ordered treatment more than a year and a half ago.

I read another post of yours on the forum. I called the mobile crisis team a few times before receiving assistance. I think it’s actually good to let them know what is going on even if they aren’t able to respond. If the team there is like ours, they keep records, so the sooner you start talking to them, the more information they will have and they might even be able to give you some resources.



The choices we end up making, there are no right answers, we just do the best we can with what we have at the time.



I have to wonder if before Reagan mostly did away with state/fed supported mental institutions, putting those people in the hands of their local communities, if our non-functioning loved ones would be living in one? I suppose that would be worse, but not sure…



They would have to be some very patient and understanding communities, but I agree. I have helped many friends when they had issues with their troubled teen. Taken them in, bridge communication, etc… Now, one parent is trying to pay me back. She purposely runs by my sons house occasionally to make conversation with him, but not everyone is so nice.

The ‘its takes a village’ theory seems ideal, but I think that it all it is, an ideal.



Found this very good article about the state of mental health care in our country, and Canada’s, today. Guess it’s not as awful as I believed, but great need persists with funding!

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