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Privacy act of helping my daughter , who wont sign the papers

wondered if there is a way around the privacy act. could i get a medical mental sheet and and get it nortized and if she goes into hospital i can talk to the drs and nursed about my daughter?, she is 55 yrs old, and is getting worse, she thinks the fire alarm is after her, the wiring also, she stopped with the washer and dryer, and i dont know if she hears voices, i cant get the drs, and social worker to say anything about her, thank you

I think you would be better off getting her to give you power of attorney so when she is sick you can use those papers. You can probably print a standard template off the internet and go to a UPS or Fedex to sign in front of a notary.

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I agree with feelingalone .

You could try to ask a family law attorney in your state, as each state is different. Sometimes they do a free first consultation.

Or perhaps NAMI can give you some advice.

The problem is that your daughter has to agree to sign the papers, no matter what type of paper you get.