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Parents = medical power paperwork vs HIPPA

If your child is in the hospital and is 18 or and 20’ HIPPA takes any care away you want to give them and you are powerless… to you get over this GET a medical power of attorney paperwork from a
notary. some work 24/7 and will meet you in the hospital night or day…
It allows you to talk to the nurses and Drs.
and cost almost nothing compared a lawyer

God bless us all and I pray each night that I hope I’m a help here


I just printed the form our state of California Department of Justice District Attorney’s website It states that I don’t even need a notary with 2 signatures (not one from the ‘agent’), it’s a basic form that can be manipulated as needed it states. You reference a HIPPA part of the form, is this something different or part of the form? I’m on this form now! Thank you!

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Maybe each state is different? Im by no means a attoney
Im in austin texas and ours needed a notary. This allows you to be able to be a advocate for an 18 yr that Hiippa takes away… No form.
Best wishes !!

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Thank you so very much!