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Prodromal signs?

I am a foster parent, and my foster son has a family history of schizophrenia. He has ADHD, depression, and anxiety. He has been starting to do worse in school this past month, and last night he started speaking word salad to us. Talking about is being on a boat, then apologizing and saying we were in his room. Then saying he didn’t shower, when he meant he didn’t brush his teeth. Then he slept a solid fifteen hours.

I know this could be many things, but I’m concerned. What are some things you recommend looking out for?

It varies from person to person. Withdrawal, poor grades, poor sleep habits, covering up for poor grades, skipping school, long periods of time spent alone were the main ones I had.

Here is a list from from this free booklet:
First Episode Psychosis

Prodromal phase

The prodromal phase usually lasts several months, though the duration can vary. This first phase of psychosis involves symptoms that may not be obvious, such as changes in feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours.

Some common prodromal symptoms are:
· reduced concentration and attention, disorganized thoughts
· reduced motivation, changes in energy level, less interest in
usual activities
· social withdrawal
· sleep disturbance
· suspiciousness
· irritability, anxiety, depressed mood
· no longer going to school or work, or performance deteriorating
· intense focus on particular ideas, which may seem odd or dis-
turbing to others.

It would not hurt to call a first episode clinic or program at your nearest hospital and talk to them.

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If you do have a phyciatrist for him I wouldnt look any further and get him in to an appointment asap.
The earlier the better. Hes’ blessed to have you watching out for him !