PsychCentral - How to Practice Resilience


Resilience can be cultivated by making a practice of identifying and then acting in accordance with your personal life values. It is important to approach this as a life practice. In fact, author George Leonard referred to this way of living as mastery in his book by that title.

You might think that practicing throughout the day, every day, would get tedious and exhausting. But what actually happens is that it becomes a source of a newfound energy and a new source of meaning and purpose. Then, once you have practiced a new behavior a certain number of times, it becomes increasingly automatic and natural. That said, it is not easy, and it does require enormous resolve and self-discipline.

I like this article…

I tell people… being positive and being in a good mood takes work. I don’t just wake up happy… (all the time)

Sometimes… It’s not until the end of the day I can extract what went well and use that to face tomorrow.

I’ll be passing this article on.