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It’s safe to say that no mental disorder is more shrouded in mystery, misunderstanding and fear than schizophrenia. “The modern-day equivalent of leprosy” is how renowned research psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., refers to schizophrenia in his excellent book, Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Patients, and Providers.

While 85 percent of Americans recognize that schizophrenia is a disorder, only 24 percent are actually familiar with it. And according to a 2008 survey by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 64 percent can’t recognize its symptoms or think the symptoms include a “split” or multiple personalities. (They don’t.)

Aside from ignorance, images of the aggressive, sadistic “schizophrenic” are plentiful in the media. Such stereotypes only further the stigma and quash any shred of sympathy for individuals with this illness, writes Dr. Torrey. Stigma has a slew of negative consequences. It’s been associated with reduced housing and employment opportunities, diminished quality of life, low self-esteem and more symptoms and stress (see Penn, Chamberlin & Mueser, 2003).

So it’s bad enough that people with schizophrenia are afflicted with a terrible disease. But they also have to deal with the confusion, fear and disgust of others. Whether your loved one has schizophrenia or you’d like to learn more, gaining a better understanding of it helps demystify the disease and is a huge help to those who suffer from it.


Good article. Thanks for sharing.


I know Ive said it before...but I believe brain and thought disorders are going to be the next civil rights group. Its already happening in commercials, younger kids are all about equal rights for everyone, More people with mental illness are talking about it-or writing about it. Change always starts small-but at some point, it will start to gain some momentum and will snowball. The people in our state and federal governments will have to listen.


The following is the medical myths about what so-called schizophrenia:
1-schizophrenia is a disease
a-in fact,schizophrenia appears itself to the eyes of psychiatrists as a symptoms,not as a disease,so that they know 'define"the sz as a symptoms without knowing the type of disease
that is because,the cause of these symptoms can not classified as a one of
the causes that causing all types of human diseases,the cause is out side
the box of diseases causes

-all what was written about sz in medical books,is related a symptoms be agree to
call them symptoms of schizo-phrenia,that is
without any sign about essence of the sz itself

-the medical knowledgeable is about a symptoms,not about known disease

-any medical tools can not diagnosis the cause of sz,hunce, if there is
a disease,no one of researchers able to know the type of claimed disease

c-All medical books,scientists,researchers,doctors can not talking about
specific disease,while ALL scientific references talking about symptoms,
FOR example;it was said,schizophrenia causing the symptoms like delusion,
illusion,hallucination,false beliefs,social withdraw,paranoia …etc
You can not find any answers,but find different mythological plots !

d-in the case,if the doctors can not know the type of disease,and can not
diagnosis the cause of that disease,what is the logic of treatment of this disease ?
if the cure from this disease depend on the luck !
how can treatment a disease without knowing the type of disease or its cause ?
what is the impact of medical treatment against the functional characteristics of unknown cause?

2- The schizophrenia causing the things that so-called hallucination
-in fact,the hallucination causing all aspects of symptoms

  • in other words,the hallucination is the cause of the case that so-called schizophrenia
    -ANY symptom whatever it is,it is the result of hallucination impact over
    the mental outputs{running thoughts}