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Schizophrenia: A Clinical Overview

For those of you brand new to the diagnosis of schizophrenia, this article I found on the Clinical Advisor website really gives a very clear overview of the illness…I hope it is helpful.


An interesting article, but it should be pointed out that this is just a theory and not proven fact as of today, as stated in the second paragraph. “A proposed explanation for the development of schizophrenia is that it is a neurochemical disorder”

Their theory is wrong. It is wrong because it assumes the mind (mental) and the brain are the same thing. This would be analogous to saying a computer is only a hardware device and has no software, therefore any malfunction can be fixed by repairing the hardware parts. Of course we know this is not true as we understand computers very well since we designed them. We did not design the human and we don’t as of today understand how it works.

When there is no proven theory, all theories are valid. An equally valid theory is that sz is a disorder of the mind, not the brain and therefore can be overcome by detaching the person’s mind from the hard-coded rules which create the disorder so that they no longer display the conditions which are recognised as sz. Not a popular theory today, but a workable one none the less.

I will politely ignore your nonsense and kindly ask that you do not reply to my posts anymore. They are not meant for you, they are meant for everyone else that appreciates reading information from credentialled sources. This is a SUPPORT forum and not an editorial debate class on engineering personal accolades.


I read it earlier - I thought it was a good article @Catherine

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Thank you @slw I liked it too, especially for someone just discovering this diagnosis.

Thank you for the post, @Catherine, I have been a prolific reader surrounding this illness. Because of the unique ways it manifests itself in our loved ones, I am always looking for pieces that not only meet my needs/interests, but also those that would be good for others that are just learning about schizophrenia after being newly acquainted with my son.


same here @jmarie1067 I have been reading about mental illness for probably 10 years and I still learn new things about it (especially schizophrenia) all the time…

I’m sorry you feel that way but I can understand. All new ideas start out as nonsense. You are right though, this isn’t a place for new ideas and I won’t post anything more about it.