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Psychiatrist in metro Detroit

Hi there. My son started showing signs of schizophrenia about four weeks ago the onset was quick. He is showing all the symptoms and signs. Does anyone know of a psychologist and/or A psychiatrist that specializes in this in the metro Detroit area?

google is your friend or duck duck go is the search engine i use

Hi Mom, welcome to the forum. You will want to work with psychologists and psychiatrists that have experience with schizophrenia. If you could contact your local Nami group they might be able to help you. Another good place for contacts is the NAMI support groups for family members. You can also ask them over the phone about their experience without booking an appointment.

Sign up for the free Family to Family course NAMI offers, they will have even more referrals for you.

Iā€™m sorry about your son, its always hard news.

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Thank you so much! I am sure I will have more questions along the way.

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Try all well being service on 1423 Field St, Detroit. There also a nami support group on 3451 Ricard St, Detroit. They hold meeting on every 2nd Saturday at 12:30pm. I live 20 minutes from Detroit. My son got the symptoms since last year and he is still in denial. I hope your son will able to seek help soon. How old is your son? What symptoms does he has?