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Psychotic episodes look like seizures?

Do psychotic episodes look like seizures at times?
Anybody have seen this”
I just pulled my upper back trying to get my gf back home to have cbd…
Since she had what looked like a seizure where she feels derealization afterward and before it happens
This is potential;y from Invega withdrawal
Any help or ?

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My son has sz and a seizure disorder. They’re very different things and definitely require a doctor or a neurologist to assess the situation. When my son was titrated on or off medications over the years, the doctor insisted it be done in a hospital setting in case of complications.

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By saying sz and seizures are different things I am not implying that a seizure cannot be a complication of antipsychotic drug therapy, because it can, I am saying that seizures are a complex electrical “storm” within the brain and in that way different than the serious perception issues that distort reality as with schizophrenia. My son takes clozapine and depakote and has had his schizophrenia under control more than 8 years and his been seizure free for over 4 years. I am grateful these meds have worked for him. I hope you and your loved one find the right solutions.

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Is there a time of month that she has seizures? Premenstrual?
Real progesterone can stop a seizure.

“Experiments have shown that progesterone relieves anxiety, improves memory, protects brain cells, and even prevents epileptic seizures.”

“Seizures can be caused by lack of glucose, lack of oxygen, vitamin B6 deficiency, and magnesium deficiency. They are more likely to occur during the night, during puberty, premenstrually, during pregnancy, during the first year of life, and can be triggered by hyperventilation, running, strong emotions, or unusual sensory stimulation. Water retention and low sodium increase susceptibility to seizures.”

My daughter ( not schizophrenic) has had a few seizures premenstrually. She was working in a hospital at the time and was given a prescription for Ativan to stop them. I believe keeping blood sugar stable by eating every few hours can help as can progesterone. You can purchase progesterone without a prescription but not all products are of same quality/strength.

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Does she get spasms, or pass out? I would definitely mention this to her doctor.

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It is possible that what you’re seeing might be seizures. Schizophrenia does effect the physical health of the brain if untreated.
It could also be Schizophrenic Catatonia / Waxy Catatonia. My SzA brother had Waxy Catatonia episodes that would last 20 - 60 minutes at a time and were mistaken for seizures (and then sudo-seizures after a negative MRI).
I tried to link a video that demonstrates the difference between seizures and Catatonia / Inappropriate Gesturing (moving limbs in ways that don’t seem normal at all), but I could only find clips of actors or psychology students immitating…

You might try capturing an episode on video and showing it to a doctor / psychiatrist.


No Psychotic episodes do not look like seizures but a seizure can be a side effect of some medications. My son had a seizure many years ago which was a side effect. He has not had one since, although it was a turning point for him because he was also using alcohol to cope and hasn’t touched alcohol in over 15 yrs. Is your GF using something to cope outside of prescribed medication? Although withdrawal from anti psychotic medications can trigger other symptoms that might pass in time

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It is chronic akathisia!
Also withdrawals akathisia!
Since we didn’t treat it with anything it just resulted in seizures !
We bought Benadryl and it calmed her down dramatically
We are stable now!
Benadryl worked miracles in our journey to withdraw this medication!
We are taking our time at 78mg
May take 4 months or so before another reduction so her brain can adapt to the change…
She has an eeg test this Tuesday to rule out any other problem that can be there…
The neurologist saids she passed all the test yesterday and confirmed it was akathisia…
There’s primary research on Benadryl treating akathisia!