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Psycosis from pot now dr saying schizophrenic

My son smoked some pot was not a smoker before this and went into psycosis now dr say he’s Schizophrenic blood test still shows pot 7 weeks later on invega shot And depakote

I believe my son started smoking pot to relieve his early scz symptoms. Later I believe the pot increased his paranoia. For my son the paranoia started before the psychosis.

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My son was working a physical job acting completely normal then this happened he was very paranoid almost acting like he was manic staying up all night very hyper he was dx as a young kid as adhd and odd he’s 29 now on invecta injection monthly And depakote this is his second hospitalization due to not being compliant with meds it’s so upsetting of course we are here to support him but I’m just blown away how this happened tks for letting me vent :heart:

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I think we all csn remember the day our loved was dx with schitz. It was a gut kicking day.