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Q22 deletion syndrome - DiGeorges syndrome

Have any of your family members ever heard of this? This was purposed to me by a dear friend of mine who has been probably working as hard as I have trying to find an answer. I am not saavy enough to post the links but here are some things to look for: poor feeding or chocking as an infant, oral deformities- cleft pallet, abnormalities in teeth, tongue or jaw, delay in meeting milestones, heart murmur, language delay, learning delays, respiratory infections, poor math skills, lower IQ, and much higher possibility of schizophrenia as an adult. My daughter could be the poster child for this. It is not as rare as presented because of lack of testing. Just thought I’d throw this out there.

There is someone in my community whose son is diagnosed with this.

@Vallpen according to research, within the q22 deletion community, 25% develop mental illness and schizophrenia being the top contender.