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Question regarding working limited hours with ssi

Does anyone have any experience with this? Jeb was told he had to report his wages monthly to the Social Security office. He has been, he works very limited hours due to his psychosis, nets under $200. a month.

He has taken in the required documentation every month. This month they told him he didn’t have to do it anymore. They would send him a 1099 form at the end of the year.

Here’s my question, is it standard to just do this for a couple of months?

We end up guessing what is going on these days. What we think is most likely is that Jeb’s presence in their office is not desired. Jeb’s presentation is scary, he is tall, athletic and talking to himself all the time - his talking sounds agitated, usually because he is talking back to rude voices. But maybe we are wrong, maybe this is standard.

I wouldn’t overthink it, and be grateful it’s a more simplified process. Just stress to your son that he needs to save all his paystubs.

Is it possible that your son may present himself better than you think? My sz ex could hold it together in public for short periods of time and dress/groom appropriately.

I am editing this to add that my husband doesn’t go weekly, in person to file income. He does it when he gets his taxes.

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Well good, maybe he has passed through some sort of initial helping stage when they were requiring him to report monthly or lose his benefits.

Maybe, I think that he does do well in short bursts, more so since he worked with the therapist who specialized in CBT last year. Most people don’t know what they are seeing when they see someone with scz.

Did receive the notice in the mail yesterday that they will be giving him less ssi due to his work - the good news is that he stayed eligible for ssi, even if its a small amount. I think he can manage the few hours he is currently working, his psychiatrist and I are in agreement that he must not work more hours.

I wish I could stop overthinking it. He is my son. Due to his scz being the insidious version I will always be questioning. Is he worse? Is he the same? Ever hoping for things to level out instead of continually progressing in small increments.

You now I just realized there was a time- before I knew what was going on - when I used to tell his medical doctors “this is not my son”.

He is my son. I have to love and support him from a distance, but he is no less my son.