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My 19 son is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and SSI said he can get a job?

Its kind of scary for our son in these days and times. We know that he has Schizophrenia and with that he reacts differently in situations. But for people that don’t him it’s a a terrible situation. Our son tries so hard to be normal it really Scares me. Number 1 is he cant handle pressure. A job requires you to be on time ,neat and and verbally understandable. Also inner act with people. The minute a supervisor has a disagreement with him . We know he will snap . Because he really don’t understand. Now we get a CALL . And that’s a call I never want us to get. Its just a thought that I have with a mental ill Son

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@gj646922 Everybody is different. Does the state you live in have a bureau of vocational rehabilitation? (BVR) or something similar to that? we have that here in Ohio and my sz son was involved with it for awhile until it eventually became too stressful for him…they sent a case manager out to assess his skills and his limitations and then they try to find some part time work that fits his needs and skill set and then the employer knows ahead of time what’s going on and is prepared for a certain amount of leeway. It is a better, maybe safer or more understanding way to “try out” working and see what is possible or not possible for your son to handle. Also if he is “snapping” there is a chance that he may need a change in his medication, some medicines can contribute to that or make at worse at different doses it is a difficult careful balance for the doctor to get it right for them in time, but the doctor needs to know any behaviors that can cause your son grief in every day life so that the doctor can determine if it is his basic personality or a by product of the medications he takes. Just a thought, best of luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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Yes same thing here. He was just denied Social security. They say he can work. I wish they would hire him. Our department of rehabilitation is out of money. He is on the list but who knows when that will happen.

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With social security a lot depends on the wording…I got this directly from an employee of social security…words like persistent, chronic, reoccurring and debilitating, I was told to use those terms a LOT in the application describing my son’s abilities to do daily things-perform tasks, stressing issues with confusion, stress, inability to adapt, forgetfulness, lack of direction and motivation over and over…I mean not lying, by any means, but just relaying the information in a specific way that social security responds to…it’s a ridiculous system we work within.


We had an attorney and all documentation still denied. She wants to go the next step to the federal level takes another year.