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About this leaflet

This leaflet may be helpful if:
you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia
you think you might have schizophrenia
you know someone with this diagnosis
you just want to know more about schizophrenia.

It covers:
what it is like to have schizophrenia
what causes it
what can help
how to help yourself
information for relatives.

‘Schizophrenia’ is a word that makes many people uneasy. The media regularly uses it – inaccurately and unfairly – to describe violence and disturbance. It is one of several disorders called ‘psychoses’ - and this word is also used to describe violence and disturbance.

So, it’s hardly surprising that many people with this diagnosis find it unhelpful. It can feel as though society has judged you to be violent and out of control – when you clearly are not.

We still use the word ‘schizophrenia’ because a better one has not been agreed for the pattern of symptoms and behaviours described here. Even if you don’t find the word helpful, we hope that the information in this leaflet can still be useful. Many of the symptoms that are part of schizophrenia will also occur in other disorders - they tend to be called ‘psychotic’ symptoms.


The definition of schizophrenia in the article ;
A disorder of mind that affects how you think,feel and behave
Its symptoms are described as positive or nigative

As clearly,this definition is weak,does not provide specific description to
the actual essence of the schizophrenia itself,that is supposed to be defined

All what is written in the article is not a definition of the sz itself,but it is merely
a statistical description of independent group of isolated symptoms,which luck
coherence and consistency under the banner of united phenomenon “the thing that
so-called schizophrenia”

Each symptom that has been written about it in the article was separated
about the rest of the other symptoms,to the degree that each symptoms becomes
singly phenomenon that independent and have specific cause
{there is no clearly relations between the symptoms like hallucination,
delusions,paranoia …etc or even between what is call positive and negative symptoms

THE writer talks about “symptoms” not about specific " disorder /disease /illness "

To understand the manifestation of weakness in the definition,you should look to the first example:
We know,there is an international awareness campaign to declaration about
specific symptoms appear on the person afer he was hit by Ebola ,that is
to help the person to realize his infection with the disease {self-diagnosis "

Thus,he can go to the hospital by his will to receive treatment,without needing
to the will of all people around him

Basically,the symptoms of Ebola is a group of INTERNAL symptoms
felt by the person inside himself and independently of views of the viewers
(observations of people around him }

Regard with sz,what are the INTERNAL symptoms that occurred /emitted
inside the person,that he realized them independently of the views of viewers,
and help him to diagnosis the occurrence of schizophrenia to himself ??

This means that,the correct definition of sz,must be the description of
the symptoms on the level of individual feeling and realization, independently
about the observations of people around the person.
That is to say,the way that the person felt with the INTERNAL symptoms
without needing to views of the external viewers

So that,what is the internal symptoms that be felt by the person in the moment of
sz occurrence ?
-he sees moved pictures of imaginary people and hears their voices,and start
unwillingly to bilateral discussion with them around all subjects related with
his social relations,religious beliefs,his memories and everything that he knows

The effects of these events has make up all types of disorders in chemical processes,
mental and emotional processes,in production process of the suitable behaviors responds
toward the daily life events{the total of sz symptoms that be known by the views of
the viewers /doctors

WHILE IN THE ARTICLE, it said that,sz is a disorder of the mind that effects Who
You Think,Feel and Behave !!
this definition can not help the person to realize the occurrence of sz ,thus
the person can not diagnosis the sz in himself through using this wrong definition !


Second example to explain the unity of sz cause

"It must be that there is single cause produce the sz and its symptoms"
The example;
-Sun is one thing,cause the emergence of many phenomena on the earth
-Water,one thing,cause the vital phenomena per organisms
-Electricity single phenomenon,causing the invention of many tools
-Gene,is one single thing causing many biological characteristics

  • Defective gene,is one single thing causing a disease have many symptoms
    -Union of single sperm and egg cause our existence and all biological/mental characteristics of us

The question
what is the single thing that produce the sz and its symptoms ?
what is the thing that united with our main nature (biological/psychological}
and produces the sz and its symptoms ?

you can look to the different medical reference to see the theoretical causes
of sz,in most of cases, you see that,there is a believe with a random unity between different group of causes to produce one single phenomenon “SZ”

A random unity between genetic cause,psychological,social.environmental,cultural,
educational ,and religious to produce the schizophrenia "one single phenomenon "

As if there is an agreement between all researchers
against the nature basis !