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Repetitive thinking

Hi all am new to the forum.
Sibling has had paranoid schizophrenia for 20 plus years which has been really testing to say the least.
While his voices have become a lot less , one of the worst symptoms he now suffers is he will be thinking or worry about something , gets stuck on this and can not shift his thinking pattern for hours or days on end.
To me it’s dementia like but don’t really know.
Anyone else come across this type of behaviour or what it is.

Welcome to the forum. I am happy you found us.

My daughter is pretty repetitive in what she has talked about for the past three years. And very long winded at times talking about things. I think it is a symptom of the illness.


My son too has the same repetive thoughts and fears and worries about what he think has happened and how it’s going to plan out.
In 2016 he had his wallet stolen from a random person he started talking and drinking with in a bar.
The person used his bank card contactless and spent (£46)
The bank got to back instantly for him, card was cancelled etc

Now last night he’s worried someone intercepted his card and they requested money at a later date in 2019. So his brain is working the opposite way, it’s inventing possible scenarios to really worry him

My son doesn’t go out much or mix with others therefore the same stuff from years ago is being ressurected to us over and over again.


My daughter also seems to have her mind stuck on a particular thought for long periods of times and it seems as if that is what she primarily focuses on.

I agree. My son repeatedly talks about the same topics. It is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I know his topics are harmless but it reminds me he is ill.

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