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Advice/help needed


Hi i am just wondering about some advice really. my mum has been suffering with mental health problems for a few months now, I finally have managed to get her to a gp, for the third time for them to realize something is wrong.The next step for them is to send round a crisis team. I dont know when this will be exactly. The problem is she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her, and blames it on everyone else saying they are the ones that are ill. She has not been diagnosed with anything as of yet, but from her behavior, I am thinking more psychosis? Anyway, some of the things she has been doing are:
Accusing people of doing things and tracking her
•Putting phone in the sink and dishwasher
•Things going missing
•Hearing people in the garden
•Seeing people driving around
•Biting dad/violence towards family
•Losing weight
•Lack of communication and understanding
•Cutting her hair and accusing people of doing so and accusing of spiking drinks
•Hiding keys and other things
•Talking to herself
•Throwing phone over the fence
•Drinking more
•Found in a bush on christmas day
•Erratic behaviour
•Keeps repeating herself, saying this isn’t going to work with me and I’m not going to be here much longer

I just want some advice really, as there is only so much longer I can cope with this. Thanks


My son has been diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder and when he is experiencing psychosis he is also unaware of being ill and thinks his irrational thinking and behavior is fine. The only thing that helps him is professional intervention to correctly diagnose and treat him. It sounds like you have gotten medical attention and I would ask for the crisis team you mentioned to intervene as soon as possible. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your family!


Sounds far more like (early onset?) senile dementia which may or may not fall within the category of Alzheimer’s dementia. In whatever event, the diagnosis is less important than how to deal with it:

If she has a history of being as you describe for many years, the following may also be helpful:

Some very helpful therapeutic approaches for you in dealing with her include:

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