Responses to talk of suicide+physician referral for clozapine

That makes sense. Yes, her existing physician hasn’t mentioned anything about being hospitalized, nor much else for that matter.Hoping that this week she will be able to see someone else with more competence in this treatment. Again, I am so heartened to know that your son is doing well now, gives me some hope.

Have you tried the non-medical route to healing? Clozapine is usually the go to drug when nothing else works. However it does come with a lot of possible side-effects. In my experience it doesn’t fix anything, simply another way of coping/managing. Try looking at" Inner Compass Conversations." There is a lot of help there and experiences of people in recovery. It sounds like your daughter has had difficult experiences and needs to find a way to come to terms. I would look at psychotherapeutic methods.

It’s hard to navigate this map on the phone but i know the schizophrenia program at MassGeneral does prescribe clozapine.

Yes, the map is very difficult to navigate, I agree. I have found a facility nearby that has doctors that prescribe clozapine, but unfortunately, my daughter, at this point, is refusing to contact them for an appointment. Thank you for all of your help and suggestions…very much appreciated.