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Saphris - anyone's experiences?

My son’s zyprexa quit working. Now the doctor is weaning him from the zyprexa and slowly titrating up the Saphris.

Has it worked for anyone’s family member? Side effects? Dosages taken?

How long did it take to start working if it ever did?

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Amy,

My son is unmedicated but every once and a while I hop on over to the Dx’d side to read on a particular topic. There are some threads about Saphris over there and you’ll probably see s I usually do, results vary from one person to the next. I hope this works better for your son.

My husband took saphris at the beginning of this year he’s 25 years old. It gave him bad acasteia and made him super drowsy we switched to abilify which has be awesome! Abilify also has injectbles which he will be starting next month if which is great because it’s a struggle getting him to take his meds daily

My son took Saphris in conjunction with Latuda. It helped a lot but because it makes a person sleepy it helps to regulate their sleep if taken at bedtime. However, if your child is like my son and did not adhere to a regular sleep routine he was hit or miss on his meds. So they didn’t always work well because he didn’t take them regularly. We switched him to Abilify which has an injectable which is awesome! The best thing for schizophrenics ever. They’re usually monthly, but I’ve heard thete’s a new one out that lasts for three months. I would do anything to get my son on that. Unfortunately, he’s decided he doesn’t need any meds right now because he moved to a new town and was off his meds too long, so now he thinks he doesn’t need them. Good luck! The Saphris should help if he’s reliable to take it, but I’d highly recommend an injectable.