Schiz gene?

I have read some earlier posts by people stating that they do not have the “SCHIZ GENE”… Is there a test for this and how would I go about getting one?

No - there is no test. Research is ongoing. Right now they’ve identified over 128 different genes or gene variations that seem to be associated with increased risk of schizophrenia. But its extremely complex and even those variations only tell you the genetic contributions - but the environment is thought to be just as large a factor, if not larger.

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Whilst schizophrenia, and mental illness in general, tends to run in families, having a relative with schizophrenia is not a certainty for you developing the illness. I have a father with schizophrenia and yet I do not. Usually, schizophrenia develops in adolescence into early adulthood (although some childhood cases do exist, and they are rarer). Sure, the incidence may be higher, but as I said, not certain. Environment does indeed play a huge role. I know it certainly did for my father, was born during the depression and raised by an alcoholic father, and who himself was serving in his country’s military at the time of diagnosis.

My husband has an identical twin. He has schiz and his brother doesn’t, and their genes are identical.