Schizophrenia and Cerebral Palsy

Hello! I am new here:) I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has a son or daughter with sz and cerebral palsy? I have a 29 yr old daughter with both and I would love to connect with someone who deals with both issues. Hope to hear from someone!

Hi @Wojetta
Not sure if anyone has welcomed you to this forum yet?
If not, it may be that there isn’t anyone at present that deals with both sz and cerebral palsy.
In this forum, there are a lot of people experienced with psychosis relating to sz.
I hope that you will find support both here and within your home community.
Feel free to post with some of things you are dealing with, and others will chime in if they feel they have something helpful to say. It is a journey of learning, and emotional ups and downs.
Best wishes to you and your family.

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You were the first to welcome me and I appreciate that! I have loved reading the posts and can relate to so many of them. Hopefully someday I can find other cp/sz families to learn from. Thanks again Canadian Daughter:)