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My father, mother & now 30+ Year old sister all diagnosed to Schizophrenia

Some have diabetes, some pressure problems.
My family apparently is gifted with Schizophrenia. Mother has been a accepting able schizophrenic for the past 40+ years with many side symptoms. So we grew up as kids at our aunts, whos son, my first cousin incidentally is also a recovered schizo with side symptoms.

My father now 77 contracted schizo around 4 years back and today is bed ridden and suffers from negative symptoms as a result of all the medication i presume.

My best friend from childhood, my sister got diagnosed with schizo 3 years back and is currently in a rehab and isnt expected to be out anytime between 3 to 6 months.

Life sure is unfair.

Just here venting …


Sorry, that’s just totally not fair.

Prasad, when my son was in the first few years of his illness I attended a support group where a man had 3 siblings and his own 2 children and a spouse with schizophrenia. I was overwhelmed by his situation and can only imagine how difficult this was for him. He really needed a support group. He really needed someone to talk to. I hope you have support.


So sori for your family’s situation , head up be strong and move forward that’s what I’m trying to do :heart:Welcome to the forum

You are very brave to share and be in a support group, when I read your message I felt less alone… I have several members of my family afflicted, one diagnosed but unmedicated and others aren’t diagnosed yet and it’s hard…

yep, all in the genes… except your father might have gone SZ from dealing with them… physiologically contagious…

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Hi there, thanks for sharing. This is a safe community. I am assuming you live in India, correct?

How are you doing, feeling?

Physiologically contagious… well said.
I spent an hour outside in -10 degree weather trying to get my SZ partner out of the car in the driveway where he was ‘hiding’. From the demon in the house. (Me?) Negative 10 degrees. And he didn’t think he’d die.
Back on topic.
People get older and dementia is a very very broad term used to describe a variety of age-related symptoms that effect the cognitive functions of the brain… Alzheimer’s, Loui Bodies, progressed Lyme Disease…
I’m a bit concerned that any credible doctor would diagnose a 70 year old person with sudden onset SZ.
But yes, it does seem to run in families. My partner’s youngest sibling has insight and is medicated and very very aware and extremely high functioning. His late mother, from what I understand, may have suffered but back then nobody talked about it and it was never treated sans prefrontal lobotomies and convulsive shock therapy. (Really? Wow.) as far as my partner goes, he suffers anosognosia. He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him or his thinking and believes everybody else is the problem…
I feel for you. It’s a fucking devastating roller coaster and a complicated hand we are dealt when MI brings our loved ones’ lives and our own lives into utter chaos. Welcome here.


Dear All,
Sorry for the delay in writing back, i was travelling on account of work.

Overwhelmed with the response, thank you. Feels nice to be a part of a vocal community; much to learn from our collective experiences.

@confessing, Yes i am from India but i live & work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Physiologically contagious indeed. Takes a toll but you gotta do what you gotta do i guess.

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Thanks bloom, I have a wonderful wife who is indeed very supportive and a circle of friends i am vocal & open with. Inspite of all the support, it is human to feel overwhelmed dealing with MI.

It is challenging to be honest, I am still affected every-day even though I don’t live near my family.


Concur. That said, dealing with a setback is a choice and i want to keep my neck above the water :slight_smile:

It is extremely taxing emotionally, financially. I empathize with you deeply. I know what it’s like because a person in my family suffers from it.

I find myself emotionally empty, without love and care in my life. The intimate relationships were not formed earlier in life. It does bring more empathy in me but I am draw towards helping other’s.

How are you doing?