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Schizophrenia and Dating

My son is 17 and he has a girlfriend. At first we thought that would be a great idea. He is committed to taking his meds and his doctor says that he is on track to doing well for himself if he keeps up his routine. My son is very open and honest about his mental illness. He felt very comfortable with telling his girlfriend mom about him having SZ due to her working at a mental health facility. It backfired. His girlfriend mom is doing everything in her power to break them up. His girlfriend is 18 and understand for the most part his illness. However, her mom has bluntly told her that no one with common sense would date someone with schizophrenia.

My question is, has anyone else had bad experiences with their child dating?

Jeez @Goodman, that has to be the saddest thing I’ve heard in weeks. My heart breaks for you and your son.

My heart breaks for my son as well. He had one girlfriend and then became sick. He now has no friends, nevermind a girlfriend. My son is 22.

Every case of schizophrenia is different. Don’t give up hope, especially since it seems your son is able to maintain peer relationships. That’s a huge plus.

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Yes he has created an amazing peer support system on his own. His friends all take turns checking in on him. His girlfriend has ADHD and we had a few concerns since she can be all over the place at times. Because of her mother he has been stressed and depressed. Her mother wouldn’t allow him to get her a valentine gift. She has kept her daughter from coming over to our house, even though they are supervised since they are still teens lol. We are trying to be supportive but the protective side of us want to just tell him to move on.