Schizophrenia Rehab Program in Hartford is being closed

I have a friend who was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year and he’s made significant progress at the Schizophrenia Rehab Program in Hartford, CT. One of the FEW programs like it in the country. And now they’re closing it. Please please please sign this petition begging Hartford Hospital to reconsider this devastating decision: (c/p that into your browser bar)

Do you know what the basis is for the decision to close?

Budget cuts. :frowning:

More info here: Save the SRP

Sounds like the root of the problem is that most of the people they serve have to rely on medicare and medicaid to pay for services, and they just don’t pay enough. I think one of the roots of the problem is the way insurance companies continue to treat mental health services completely differently than other services - and basically refuse to pay for many things.

Yeah, I think that’s true. My friend was on insurance but the insurance wouldn’t cover most of what he needed covered so he had to go to Medicaid. The whole system is catastrophically terrible. And the people who suffer are the people who are most vulnerable.

We really want to promote this petition, which is being sent to the heads of the hospital in Hartford where this is happening. If anyone can post on Twitter and/or Facebook and ask their followers to sign the petition, that would be great! We’ll reciprocate if something comes up for you down the road.
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Curiously, I’m a schizophrenic and a regular on this site who started my treatment for schizophrenia many long years ago in Hartford, Connecticut!

I was born in southern Connecticut, but two of younger siblings were born in Hartford Hospital. When I was 25 years old, I dressed up to visit my Grandmother in Hartford Hospital and some patient mistook me for a doctor. It was quite to my liking to be mistaken for a doctor in Hartford Hospital because I was a schizophrenic trying to pass for normal.

Incidentally, if one searches through the archives of the West Hartford Newspaper, you’ll find in the mid 1970’s I was interviewed and written about for having a Schiziophrenics Anonymous Group going in West Hartford.

Quite possibly, I know or at least formerly knew some folks who got treatment at the center in question.


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Incidentally, I first read this post by Brianna thinking you two were writing about Hartford Hospital. Now I follow the one link that works to a petition for the Institute of Living. I have had family members treated for mental illness at both places, and in my memory, the two places were different.

Actually, in the 1960’s, I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist at the Institute of Living and didn’t know where to park and so parked at Hartford Hospital and walked over.


We are colleagues! So we’re posting from the same office right now, I believe.

Jayster, it’s nice to hear you had success at this program. Here, try this link (which you’ll have to copy and paste) to sign the petition:

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Makes sense. I mean it’s better to pay much much much more money for the long term hospitalization of schizophrenics rather than keep them up and going in the outside world. That way doctor’s and administration keep the money rolling into their pockets.

But on the other sane hand, like you, surely others too could put the value of people above the value of cash.

Surely government support could be directed more appropriately.

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There should be petitions to our government to do things different to keep these places open. There are several mental facilities closed in Alabama and Georgia. Our nation does not take care of its mentally ill veterans.i hate this about hartford

They don’t have enough programs like this, and especially what about open dialogue and purely CBT behavior based therapies which were proven successful in treatment of schizophrenia? Is this just cuz their too lazy or selfish to care, or is the healthcare system this broken and damaged? I mean the U.S. has really good doctors and hospitals, but not in comparison to most other westernized hospitals around the world. I notice that in the ER we wait for about 6 hours or at least I do to even be assessed by a doctor. I’ve left the ER when hearing voices and in a psychotic state because of having to wait so long that I started having panic that I would be forcibly lobotomized. I was paranoid but people were too busy to help, or even trained to help in a medical establishment. Granted I’m in WV. MD is better. MD has pretty good doctors, but I’ve still been turned away, flat out, at those places. At least in WV they’ll try and see me. But in MD I’m told I’m not sick enough or having panic. But honestly that’s what it was. Except that I was saying my drug abuse was triggering me and I told them about all my drug abuse, and requested a stay to get away from drugs. They turned me away in tears.

I am sorry that happened to you! I just read somewhere that Obama is giving millions to neuro science-Darn! wish I could remember the article!
I will only say that because of what is trying to be accomplished with our health and mental health system, the doctors, hospitals, pharmeceutical companies, are trying to save their !@#$ and then blame it on Obamacare.
When states have to cut their budgets, the first thing to go is social services.
I have just been informed that my son`s case manager from mental health court { the BEST one he has ever had! } is being let go due to budget cuts.
I am sorry-I am not afraid of the government, only the people I just named. the big companies-that stand to lose the most $$$ when everything is equaled out.
Sorry About this ranting ;(

Hi everyone!! I just want to say thank you so much! They’ve decided to keep the center open for at least another year!!! Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3