Schizophrenia support needs promoting, Nova Scotia group (Schizophrenia Society of Canada) says

Organizers of a national conference about schizophrenia held in Halifax want frustrated caregivers and families to know there’s more help out there than they think.

Keith Lyon of Fredericton, who was at the conference, said he’s grateful for his past and present caregiver, especially when he was in and out of hospital over a period of eight years. Now an author of children’s books, he said he was once tasered by police in an effort to keep him safe.

“The voices were telling me to stab myself, so I stabbed myself,” he said.

“But [police] sat by my bed for like two hours to make sure I was OK.”

It was a matter of finding the right help once out of hospital, Lyon said.

“It’s hard to find resources, but once you get in the door the sky’s the limit,” he said.

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