Schizophrenic sister-in-law slanders me online

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post.
My sister-in-law was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia about two years ago. Before her diagnosis I noticed her obsession with God, Jesus, angel numbers, messages from God and so on and so forth. She constantly had money problems and in the beginning I was helping her financially quite often; I helped with rent payments, speeding tickets, etc. All in all thousands of Dollars, which of course, was never enough.
We took her in for some months, as she was facing homelessness and offered our help to find her a job. She then said she doesn’t want to work, because we would have enough money to support her. My husband told her she had to leave because she was causing unbelievable unrest in our house, in several forms. So we gave her money again that she was able to leave, another 1000 Dollars. Before she left, she said that we have sold our souls to the devil, particularly I and God would send me to hell.
She spent several months in jail because of a stolen vehicle. She accused and is still accusing the police of the city where she got imprisoned to be part of a human trafficking ring, just like several pastors she met afterwards… Everyone she ever knew gets accused of being a trafficker, rapist, a servant of the devil etc.
We cut all contact because we wanted to protect ourselves.
Now she started to slander me online in a way I don’t even want to repeat; the thing is I wouldn’t really mind that, as I know she is psychiatrically sick, but the problem I’m facing is that she publishes my full address and phone number and now I’m actually concerned about my family’s safety.
I contacted the Sheriff’s Department, but they said there would be nothing they could do.
Does anyone have any advice how to handle that situation? It’s a tremendous burden for me. My husband says she has to be ignored, but I have a very bad feeling having my address and phone number out there on social media for everyone to read. What can I do?
Right now she’s homeless and we’re not 100 percent sure where she’s living.
Thank you very much!

perhaps you could raise a report on the social media platform to block the post. hope all goes well.

Keep your home well lighted and locked. Install RING or similar cameras outside to monitor activity. Have the ability to protect yourself (pepper spray, taser, bat, etc). Create an interior safe room. Have a plan. Communicate it with your family. What do we do if?….

Sounds a bit dramatic but having a strong defense and plan will help give you peace.

And we’re all (ALL) living in a bizarre time where our personal info is shared. We’re all at some risk. Yes - having a mentally ill family member fanning the flame is extra sucky.

But attempting to monitor her rants online and ‘block’ or control your personal info is an exercise in futility and stress. Ignore the haters. But set up your perimeters of defense and protection and remain alert.

If anyone confronts you on line with any slanderous comments, simply reply that your sister in law is mentally ill. I wouldn’t even try to defend myself on line. Don’t engage.

I agree with the previous poster: invest in home security.

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This is truly breaking my heart
Whatever happens to our loved ones, mind and body. WE can help by loving them, reminding them who they are and that is NOT their illness.

Do not gossip. Keep social media out of the situation. No drama will help our loved ones but we can by being there for them, no criticism, no judgment… just hugs and tell them they are loved

That’s so true. Learning something new here. With my brother, it was letters then no social media. Got lots of concerned queries from relatives, friends and even strangers who probably knew my brother. It was hard to take in. Eventually, they realised my brother is unwell.