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Schizophrenic son does nothing all day. How can parents try to help him?


Marriser, I’m sorry for your loss and the support that you had. Do try to put yourself on the list even if the house has to go a little. This is the hardest advice I have to follow but getting a break here and there is so critical.
Do find a support group and someone with whom understands. There are more of us out there than you would think. Support one another and I’m glad you found this forum. It is a wonderful support to me. God bless.


Laskobraha9 Please also put into consideration, your losses. Sounds like the ones caring for your brother he probably out his trust in and it is debilitating got us so called normal/average people so imagine the loss for your brother. My son who has schizoaffective begged me 2 weeks ago to please don’t die till I am 100 or he is lost and be in institution, as I am only one that gets this illness and how to work with it. So very sorry for your loss’s as well. Take care and bless you for stepping up to help your brother as known fact ones that succeed I’d the ones from loving families.


Marisser, I am fairly new here as well but find this site a breath of relief as I don’t stop researching and no better then reading everyone else’s replies and questions as we all deal with pretty much same. Let me say this though Marisser, the loss of your son’s father is huge too, to your son. Motivation is something we strive in heck my son don’t even want me to get in the way, when I clean his mess in his room? He does it but not on a regular and I am kinda a clean freak but I even let that go to teach him. He now says Mom, kinda tired so I will clean up my clothes later ok and empty water bottles in recycle etc… the most important as hard as it is, is to not show your anger or frustration as to me it sets my son back and brings on issues. We all know and understand it is abilitating to is, I just always remember what it must be like for him. I just always assure my son, I am here, only thing I am having troubles with is marijuana as I know how bad it is, he even says I know Mom, it is good in the moment but not in long run. Also drinking alcohol is intense and so hard it is his escape and is so bad. I know this, I am working on it but can not DEMAND it as we all know it is a process. I just found the way we talk is high on there success. You see my son won’t take meds as had severe allergies to most worst being suicidal when never was suicidal as well as seizures? My son was 3 yrs episode free but just relapsed Sept 5th. I brought him back before and will again as I never give up. When I am not attending to my son, I research, reaearch, research. I watch vids of people living this terrible inhumane illness, foods, vitmins etc. Fish oil is huge Omega 3’s, vitamin B, also lithium oronate over counter just like what doc prescribe but no side effects but can’t get here in Canada also you have to watch as if on medication can’t mix. I also don’t like big pharma as they have no answers and just make concoction of cocktails when they themself don’t know about this Illness. Again, don’t take even vitmin if on meds unless talk to your doctor. Hang in there Momma it is a very trying time and is extremely over whelming we know. But please remember to stay calm, understanding in front of him and stay determined to win. Beat the crap out of these demons. This damn illness.


Yes, you are right. Any deaths tend to be huge triggers. My son lost his grand father, grand mother, and best friend all in within a few years. I’ve read and discussed this with others who witnessed this trigger. Love is patient, love is kind and unconditional love is the best type we can practice as caregivers BUT we do need to love ourselves also and sometimes first to be able to give the love to our loved ones. It definitely is a balancing act isn’t it? Best to everyone and our families.


I am brand new to the forum, my 32 year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia 10 years ago, He has been on clozaril, zyprexa and now Invega tabs, he seems to have less positive symptoms but the negative symptoms are worse. He is a ceramic artist and used to do amazing innovative work. Then the psychosis started and he wasn’t,t able to work on his ceramics at all for many years, there have been horrible times for him and us at first as he would not Take meds, he was angry,destructive,and so ill, He now is stable ,living with us and taking his meds . We are now trying to help him motivate to do something in his day. He has worked a little on ceramics but looses interest quickly, I have made a studio in the basement for both of us to work and hopefully he may get back some motivation. It takes time and so much patience and love to navigate with this illness. Our older son who also had sz passed away last February and we are still reeling from that, I,m so happy to have found this site ,


My son helps put away dishes if I hand them to him. Throws laundry in washing machine after i have sorted. Assists bed making sometimes. I have to be there working along side. Sometimes he cooks.


My son just cleaned his room and vacuumed upstairs,he cleaned up the kitchen today too! I,m really great full that he has the motivation to do things without being asked sometimes. He likes for me to be home lately, I work 2-3 days a week and he,s ok alone but he,ll ask me everyday if I,ll be home tomorrow. His dad travels a lot for work so he,s not home week days usually but when he is home he try’s to get our son to join him in whatever he is doing,sometimes our son will more often he doesn’t,t want to. We,re trying to get him to come to a family thanksgiving this year at my sisters about 2 hours away ,he declined saying it would be too much for him. I understand but wish he would give it a try.


Just know that you are not alone. I too have a schizoaffective son who is now using cocaine and won’t stop. Smokes like a chimney. He does nothing all day except use the drug. I don’t know when he last showered. He will not pick up garbage or clean his room unless I help him. He will not take a bus. The only thing he will do is eat out and once in a blue moon go to the movies. The positive he is given Prolexin (the generic) in an injection every two weeks and he is no longer aggressive like he was before) and seems to be pretty stable when it comes to his mental illness. I pray to God every day to give me strength, patience to continue helping him, but it is getting very difficult and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. This forum has helped me immensely and I thank all of you for writing about how you deal with this terrible illness.