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Sharing Your Craft Skills with Others

This morning in my e-mail I found NAMI December 2016 Magazine. One article is about knitting. Years ago when my daughter was around 21-24 years old I taught her how to knit and since then she has knitted for herself and children. I can’t say she is a master knitter but she has knitted sweaters for her children, scarves and caps and wash rags for me. I taught knitting at NAMI and found it very rewarding.

Here is a very warm and uplifting message about a daughter describing her mother’s knitting talent. Her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and picked up this wonderful skill in he twenties and was an excellent knitter. She describes how calming it was for her mom and how proud she felt when she produced something beautiful.

Just a thought for those of you who have a craft skill and want to share it with your children or the NAMI community.

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I enjoyed that article and shared it with my knitting group!