Request for Counseling/ 'Life Coach' Tools you may have found useful

Good day! I’m new on site. I am a sister to a brother who has Schizophrenia (clinical depression at 17, Sz around 5 years later). He currently has no positive or negative symptoms and is very functional actually, except perhaps some mood swings which I guess are emanating from his frustration to get something going in his life now that he’s 34 years old (unmarried, but has girlfriend).

I would like to educate myself how I could help him: a) improve his social skills; and b) make him ‘breakdown-resilient’ by being able to acknowledge/process his emotions and thoughts and know how to act on them. By tools I mean some counseling design, questionnaires, processing guide perhaps we could use on some one-on-one session (I’m an RN by profession) and eventually something we could do as family (I think my own family doesn’t communicate well enough to create a good environment for him).

Thank you very much! Glad to be here. :smile:

Welcome to the forum @Maria

You may find something useful in the below links.

**Hi @Maria~
If you are working at a hospital? The mental health ward might be a good place to look for info. That`s where I started with my son. is another place to look-as well as being a source of support for all family members.
This site also has a lot of info. from caregivers,and people who have this illness. Probably one of the best tools around. **