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Signing my cousin up for SS disability tomorrow any advice

I am 50 and have always known that my cousin had a mental condition. Anyway his parents kept the actual diagnosis a secret from the family they have been dead many years now. A few years ago my cousin went off the grid so to speak and only serviced last year. I discovered that he was diagnosed with adolescent schizophrenia in the early 80’s. He has found it difficult to work consistently. I am going to try to get him signed up for SS disability - any suggestions.

My only suggestion is to review the requirements online. You can probably file there (start the application process), too. Good luck!

I went on line to do my son’s application. It wasn’t hard. He was approved and also got free medical insurance. Good luck

Will you be signing him up using his parents SS? That’s what I did with my daughter after her stepfather died. She makes enough to live in an apt and pay her bills. Her medications are $1-3. She cannot take good care of herself so I visit at least 2x a week. I just went to the SS office. She was already on SSI so it was easy to switch over. Good luck to you.