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Sister of Schizophremia


I am struggling with advocating for my sibling with schizophrenia. This is the third of my siblings to be diagnosed with this disorder. I live in Idaho and my brother needs more help. For five years he has been a chronic state of psychosis with virtually no treatment. His disorder is destroying him and my parent’s way of life causing further isolation from the outside world for all of them…I was advised by Region II of Idaho’s Health and Welfare that: “because my parents provide him with food, clothing, and shelter they will never find your brother gravely disabled or committable.” I CAN NOT believe that this is the only way he will be considered for this type of treatment. He has already had four occurrences of non-compliance, and he does not have the support within his immediate family. My parents are doing the best that they can. They have been living in red alert status for five years and continue to so. My mother is so afraid of upsetting him that, she avoids talking about anything serious about his own care. I am terrified for them all.


God that sounds awful.

You should advise him to get on the forum if he is able. We might be able to help break his isolation a bit.

3 sz in one family that’s gotta be rough.

I’m all alone with this illness in the real world.

5 years though, that’s a long time. My psychosis has gotten a lot better since that first break but it is still a very present thing.

I can kind of relate but im guessing he has it much worse.

Wish I could do more to help.

At least he’s got loving parents to keep a roof over his head and keep him fed.


He is not well enough to be on a public forum at this time. Unfortunately, some of his hallucinations/delusions focused on the television itself. He is very angry with me right now for trying to get him help and telling his business. Which is often the case when psychosis is current. They believe he is taking his medications, but my mother has told me otherwise for the last 5 weeks. It is very hard. Mostly, it is the lack of resources and support my brother has received. In my geographical state, my brother “chooses” to remain psychotic according to the Health and Welfare. I am having a hard time with this notion. It is like saying he is “choosing to be psychotic.” I know my brother does not want to be in this condition. he is so crippled from this disease that he cannot request help for himself. I have to be patient for him.


Psychosis is so broad. Learning as much about his worldview might help you find the right things to say to help him out.


Yeah…there is only four of us total. If you are all alone and doing well, that is absolutely amazing!!! Oh my gosh, I hope that you continue your progress. Even with what I have had to go through throughout this past 30 years as sibling of someone with schizophrenia, I could never imagine what they are going through every single day.


Well, I found a Journal he was keeping. It is basically a date stamped recording of his delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. There were some very dark things he wrote in it and I have taken steps to see that the proper medical professionals have access to this information. This is why my brother is so angry with me. I am no stranger to psychosis but, it does not make things any easier at times. I am hoping that this journal will help them give my brother more focused care. Thank goodness people in my community has listened to my cries.


Yep this illness sucks. It’s just constant bullshit. Ideas of reference and the like.

Gotta force yourself to realize your not important. Force yourself to see its not real.

My brother just said the other day…

“When ever I think life is bad I just think about what Bryan’s dealing with.”

I’ve tried to explain the experience but they’ll never truly understand.

Messages weaved into every interaction. It keeps itself alive. Sucks. I know it’ll always be there, I could always trigger it again.

The mental tight rope as it were.


I’m pretty rational but there are some things about my psychosis I will never talk about.

I can understand why he might be upset.


My other brother talks about what he sees and has developed many coping mechanisms to help. He has one of the most severe forms of schizophrenia. I am so very proud of him and what he has been able to overcome. He would tell me he was seeing demons coming out of people and the ground all the time. I could not imagine how terrifying that is.


Yeah I don’t get visuals.

I’m basically learning how to live with the feeling that every thought I have is being heard by the people around me. I hallucinate very judge mental statements in the form of telepathic messages behind their spoken words. It is a constant thing.

The first year of my psychosis I had a lot more bullshit going on. My imagination came to life of its own. For a while I was living in 2 dimensions at once. The one where I didn’t succeed in commuting suicide and then the other where I had. My brain was still broadcasting in the other and they were studying it. I’d hear keyboards and thoughts from this other dimension. Was pretty trippy.

I’ve decided to not believe in anything that isn’t obviously real and that helped to pull me out of all that.

It’s different for everyone. For most it’s a lifelong illness.


I understand why he is upset. He was internalizing every one of his symptoms and was not telling anyone until he threatened violence on others. He was hording weapons in his room. Even, though my parents tried to keep them all out of his reach. This last time, he had two steak knives and a mullet hammer and was threatening to use them on people. He maybe mad at me for quite some time but, that is ok. He has every right to be mad but, this is to be expected because he is so sick. it is rough for sure.


Yeah…watching all of my siblings and educating myself on the genetic aspects of this disease has help me tremendously. By understand the chemicals that are involved with this illness, I better understand what is happening. I am hoping that I can get my family involved in a study. If I can help anyone this is my reward.


Yeah I expected it was violence. I’m lucky in that regard. Non violent to the core.

Was a little more violent before I got sick. Would fight occasionally and stuff. Mostly just playing around.

After I got sick though, with the mind reading delusion. Anger, hate, and violence were the first thing to go.

It is possible for people to change. Even with this illness.


It sure is possible!!! My other brother is doing great! My sister past away in her sleep a couple of years ago. She was only 33. They suspected it was a pulmonary emboli due to her sedentary life style. She struggled with this illness since she was fourteen years old. She had set backs and then progress but, she eventually she just deteriorated. This disease has presented differently in each and every one of them. It is the most difficult disease process I have ever studied.


Yeah. It is barely understood even in these highly scientific times.

The best thing a schizo can do is learn what is real. Read about other people’s psychoses. Get a feel for how people have recovered.

It really is a full time job.


It sure is a full time job. Even, now I know he is still very ill and it will take time. I was a child when my first two siblings had their first psychotic breaks as were they. My current brother is older than I and was my current age when he had his first psychotic episode. So, I am now scared that too much stress could STILL activate this illness in me. I am keeping strong so far. Education has been the MOST valuable tool for me. Educating my self about mental illness and the laws affecting treatment is the key to helping my brother. It is a very hard process to follow. I want what is best for my family. I will continue to advocate.


I had a sister who had a worsening, unremitting course of this illness… I have it severely myself
She was hit by a car in 2001 age 25
We’ve both had it since drug use in our teens, but the youngest is alcoholic and suicidal from having been bought up in a family that uses chemicals and distress at a young age as well as early trauma.
I have a good friend who is non compliant and her family are taking care of her while believing meds are not the answer!!! Because her mum is taking care of her and has been now for 9 months the services have essentially no financial incentive to treat. I think that is how they have to look at it here with the nhs that we have here which is stretched
In this case the mother is really in the way

Choosing to be psychotic they are saying? That is a joke!
I’m so sorry for your family
How are you yourself apart from anything?k


Be watchful of the signs and try to relax. You should be alright.


Wow, so you know what this is like from both sides. I can not even imagine that! I love my parents but, I too feel that they have been a major barrier in this. I am stressed out right now because I have asked other family members and notified a trusted physician I know here. This physician has been one of the only people that has gotten me this far. I am also going to contact our local state representative in this matter on Monday. I have not slept well the last two days because of events that occurred on Friday at my Parent’s house. I am done being silent about the lack of treatment my family continues to receive by our state and community but, educating my self and speaking out to my community about my brother’s condition. This is the best therapy. I have never joined a forum before. I am hoping this is another way I can reach out to others.


I really appreciate your input.