Care of sibling?

My brother in law is a paranoid schizophrenic. He was diagnosed at age 16 and is now 53 1/2. He has never held a job. He needs 24 hour care. He has to be shaven, have a shower started for him and water adjusted. He can brush his teeth. He cannot cook or clean house or room.

He has been in a couple group homes over the years for a couple weeks at a time. He picks up bad habits such as cursing. The community mental health center has said they will sign a paper to send him to a state facility. He was living with my mother in law who refused to send him there or give up on him.
She passed a couple months ago. He has been living with my husband and I since then.

He needs 24 hour care and we do not feel we can provide that. We considered finding a townhome or buying a home with a daylight basement for related living. He gets some ssdi, never applied for food stamps. The disability money would not cover a private caregiver, rent, food and basic needs. He will not get better after all these years. He chooses not to participate in the local mental health day programs.

Anyone have any suggestions besides the state hospital? Any suggestions for public services. What are other people with schizophrenic family members doing?

Welcome to the forum Marie.

Sorry I have no suggestions. I hope someone can give you some ideas. Wishing you and your family all the best during this adjustment. My condolences to you and your husband on the lose of his mother.

Your family sounds lovely and your poor brother is lucky to have some family who cares. I understand that many families are afraid of state hospitals due to how they are portrayed. I’d say go see one. Not that I would suggest that he be put in one if your willing to find a way to help him and keep him with you. But you want to have this knowledge first hand.

It’s sounds like your in the idea gathering phase… this is the only idea I’ve been able to find

This was a pretty good article with some ideas.

Check with your brother’s doc to see if you can get a visiting nurse once in a while. Check your DSHS offices to see if you can get a case worker to plug you and your loved one into resources in the area.

I hope your search brings you ideas.

Whatever decision you all come to, I wouldn’t make the decision to be one that would deny your brother in law his freedom. He needs to be able to get out and about. Also, you and your family seem very supportive. Keep that up. That will be of huge support to him.