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Skitzofrenia or OCD?

Son 18 on 2mg of Risperdone no longer feels people are talking about him (paranoia). While on Luvox as well
(100mg) he walks around all day saying the same thing that he is scared about (an OCD problem).

He can control it if in public but he says it makes him feel good.

he is very intelligent/ possible asbergers.

Any thoughts as he has no friends and 10 hours walks in circles when we are not out of the house.

Well - OCD is a type of anxiety - so is he getting any treatment for that?

Social skills deficits are common in schizophrenia (even when using medication) and (in addition to anxiety - another factor possibly) you can help counter that with social skills training. Schizophrenia seems to negatively impact the part of the brain that deals with social understanding (the researchers call it “social cognition” and related “theory of mind”. Added training in these areas seems to help with improving sociability / friendships.

A story of one person’s experience:

Here is some more info:


a book that you could buy and get a local social worker or therapist to work with your son on:

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