A Little Worried


We’ve had quite a worrisome month with son.

About 3-4 weeks ago son told me he stopped taking his Zyprexa (5 mg) and Trilafon (perphenazine) (2mg 4xday). I was very disappointed and frightened to hear this. He had been hinting around that he wanted to stop the Zyprexa, so I was surprised he stopped the Trilafon too. He also takes 10 mg Abilify and Adderall (for ADD). So now that is all he is on.

I’ve been keeping a wary eye out for symptoms to start reappearing. Yesterday he went out for lunch with me and sis. I can tell his paranoia and hallucinations are returning. He talked about being at the coffee shop on his tablet and how 10-12 people in the shop were all focused on him watching what he was doing on his tablet and making comments. Later in conversation he talked about seeing dark shadows around him at the house he frequently stays at in downtown Atlanta, also how he sees purple hues coming out of the clouds. These are just some of the highlights but there were several other indicators too.

He drove his own vehicle to meet us for lunch. After lunch we split up and on his way back to our house he flipped his Jeep trying to avoid hitting a car that pulled over in his lane. He wasn’t hurt thank goodness, just a bad scratch on his elbow. Jeep is totaled. The other driver received the ticket according to son. It will be three days before we can get the police report to get more details.

His thinking is becoming more disorganized too. He loses everything. I am serious in saying he would lose his head if it were not attached!

I really think he needs to at least be back on the Trilafon. It did help him. I know he wants to be free of as many meds as he can and is not realizing how he is backsliding.

He gets angry when I point these things out, it’s a very delicate subject. I’m at a loss trying to figure out a way to get to him back on track.


I wish I had some advice for you. I’m sorry you are going through yet another situation. Maybe he will have to learn the hard way that he does need them. :frowning: Sending good thoughts your way and I hope it turns around soon.


Flipping the jeep should be a good wake up call. I am so thankful for ALL of you that he wasn’t seriously hurt. I guess you might have to see what the police report says. If the jeep is totaled that will limit his freedom a bit. You might be able to say that a condition of driving your car would be to see a doc and at least get back on some of the meds.

He was even having lunch with you and the sis. Which is a huge step forward. But then his other symptoms are kicking in… a step back.

I too deeply wish I had some advise for you. I know there were times I felt great… I wasn’t doing well AT ALL and everyone but me could see it. But I sure felt amazing… Wow I felt invincible… That of course was the beginning of the chaos again.

My parents I’m sure were scared. But all they could do was stand back with the broom, dust pan and glue at the ready… to sweep up the pieces and help glue me back together.

I’m so sorry this is happening again. It sounds like your daughter doesn’t get to know her brother as the cool stable guy he can be. I hope this doesn’t scare her away from him again.


I do not know how to make somebody to take meds, if he or she does not want to. Eventually his life may become so messed up that he realizes that he needs to take meds. My sz started in Atlanta in 1998.


Thanks for your thoughts.

I think that is exactly what he is feeling now

When son kept going on and on with the conversation, sis finally buried her head in her cell phone and stayed busy with that. I am thankful she was even at the table though.


I think you’re right about him having to learn the hard way. It totally stinks, but seems that always has to be the way he learns :disappointed:


It sucks. I couldn’t make my son see the harm that overindulging in marijuana was doing. I can try to keep it out of the home but I can’t stop him from doing it. It’s been 6 months since his last break and involuntary admission due to marijuana and going off his meds. I couldn’t stop it. I don’t know how long it will last but currently he has enough insight, I think because of this break, to limit his marijuana use if he doesn’t want to be inpatient again. :hearts:


Good for him. Sounds like it’s finally dawning on him what he needs to do and not do. Fingers crossed he keeps it up!