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Some people are not in the system and shouldn't be, but they deserve help too


Anyone else have a situation like that? What can be done when nobody cares about you as a caregiver and all the usual advice about Adult Protective Services etc… is not appropriate, and when it turns out that the terrible utter loneliness (such as mine in this role) in good people is never really seen as a big deal… ?

And then the lack of empathy for the caregiver’s humanity by the person himself… can really really be devastating, So am I the only one here in that situation? I desperately need caregiver help, and that cannot involve consulting the “system”, or taking him, age 70, to a “senior center” or to SC Anonymous (fraudulent racket the way they run it here, attended once and will not return) …

I am not wrong about the problem (I have been a student of this subject for decades) but I have been totally betrayed by everyone I have reached out to so far…including on this forum.

I also know that mega B vitamins and other supplements can help greatly, who knows enough about the what’s and the why’s of this alternative approach… so we can maybe talk privately or on the forum? (btw to the person who wanted me to think I was not signed in, I could not have written this if I were not, thanks anyway, would much prefer a real response to what I am saying…)


Its very hard for caregivers - I agree. I think what most people here do is just seek help and support from support groups like this, or support groups like those provided by NAMI in cities around the US (and by Schizophrenia Society of Canada, in Canada).

Also - people seek support from doctors and therapists too - because there are very few people who really understand what its like to be a full-time caregiver for a person with schizophrenia. Its frequently stressful and difficult.


I empathize with you. If there are no resources and no one cares, it’s time to live in daily uncertainty and accept the limitations of ourselves as caregivers/ providers and the massive flaws of the system.

That’s where I am. My belief is slightly different though. I believe that many people care, just that most do not understand and are not in the position to help, or perhaps, like me, have zero time, energy, or resources to act on the large amount of care in our hearts.


**Dear Caregiver~
You are not alone. I agree with all of the above advice!
There have been so many times when I have had to go looking for myself. I believe NAMI is great for support–some groups are better then others.
Don`t give up! ((((( hugs))))) **


Nobody has been able or really willing to hear my issues as caregiver. No one.


well all this makes me feel as if I myself do not exist. Hell of a thing for the CAREGIVER to end up feeling.


sorry your answers were never helpful…no disrespect intended or implied.


It is a hell of a thing-isn`t it!
I know how you feel. In the end, all you can do is console yourself with the fact that you have done everything in your power to help–that means a lot…