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Son in psychiatric facility

That is good to know. Appreciate your replies/comments, now I don’t feel so alone. It’s so hard to talk to people about this, seems to make them uncomfortable and they don’t understand, they think it’s caused by street drugs.
Thanks again

Gvgirl. You’re so not alone. That’s what this forum is all about. Even if few people are participating in responding to you right now, know that there are so many people out there “lurking” but reading, from many parts of the world. We all understand. We’re all dealing with the same sadness, anger, and worry. It’s just more difficult for some of us to open up and share, as you know.


I know, and thank you for your kind words and encouragement, it means a lot!

Hello to all of you-
I really appreciate this forum. It has helped me realize how many of us have loved ones in similar situations. This site has offered me so much comfort and kindness.
No news about Lou (my son) he is still being held, pending either a pre-trial process or a incompetency sentence. This has been going on since May 2018. You have all made this tolerable for me, thank you. Thank you AnnieNorCal

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Hi @AnnieNorCal - Yes, I think we all make it tolerable for each other. I hope you are doing ok today. - Diane

HI AnnieNorCal, We seem to spend a lot of time in limbo, always waiting. I hope you hear something soon. Personally I identify so much with your situation, I think others do as well. It could easily be my son in the same situation.

When my son was first diagnosed I read the book by John Hinckley Jr’s mother. She said she received so many letters from other mothers who thought it might have been their son when they first heard the news that someone had attacked the President. They wanted her to know she wasn’t alone. There are so many of us.

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When my daughter has been hospitalized (5 times in the last year) I have found that contacting the Social Worker/Dept at the facility and stating that you want to be part of their treatment team, have information on their condition that may be helpful and the ringer is that you want to be part of their Release Plan. Do not ask for info, simply offer to give them info. They will usually call you back because getting information is not violating the patients confidentiality. Once you have a name/phone and start a conversation things get easier. In our state (WA) the facility is required to have a Release Plan including where the patient will live, the social worker was quite eager to talk with me then.
I think everyone hates being in the faciities, I would but it is the safest place for them to be. I worked hard to let my daughter know that I was her advocate and was working with the facility to get her released. She got better about signing the release forms as soon as she was admitted and asking them to call me so I would know where she was. Good luck.

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Thank you for that insight and advice. That must have been very hard for you, five admissions, one is so draining and all consuming! Does your daughter live with you? I’m wondering what alternatives there are to housing besides family? Any thoughts on that?

Hello. My son also was taken to a psychiatric facility on a 5150. I was contacted by a social worker within a few days of admission. They wanted to inform me of my son’s condition and asked me information about our family mental health history. Two weeks after my son was held on a 5150, he had a Riese hearing which determined that he needed to stay an additional two weeks. While my son was hospitalized, I would call daily to talk to the staff. Would it be possible for you to communicate with the staff? My best wishes to you.

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Hello, thank you for sharing. I’m sorry you and your son are going through this as well. Yes, the social worker at the facility has been very helpful giving us information and updates. It’s likely my son will be released soon and come home, I’m very concerned about him living with us and especially the chance he might use street drugs. I don’t know what else to do, he has no where else to go. It’s very diffcult.

I had my sister admitted 3 weeks ago to a mental hospital. I filled out the paper work, put my name s d number down as contact. I called yesterday and was told we cannot give you any info. Or tell you if she’s still here.I had all the info . Including the code to talk to her or a nurse. I was told 3 times we know you are her sister, but She doesn’t want any info given out…what the Hell, unless she took me off the list I don’t know what to think,ok thank you all, I had to get this off my chest.:+1:t2:I really don’t think these privacy laws should apply to all patients with mental Illness.


Hi @Ebp8510 I totally agree with you! Why let the person with psychosis be in charge?! Have you tried going to visit? Sometimes you can get more information if you go. You could bring her some food and they can ask her if she wants it. Make sure you go at visiting hours. You can also give the nurses and doctors information about her. It’s a wacky system. Maybe the doctor can get her to sign and roi form for a week or so. The doc. did that for me and oddly I still have it after 3 months!

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I have to agree with you on this one! We’re you able to make any contact with your sister? It is not okay to exclude family members from information.
Long story, but when my son was is an auto accident and in a coma on a feeding tube, incapable of giving us permission to know what was wrong, the privacy act in california prevented us, his parents, from any information.
If you want to read about my son you can go to my page under activities and read the earlier post, anyone reading this is welcome to look.
Take care and let us know how things are going. AnnieNorCal