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Son just committed, Frequently Calls and Wants me to Get him Out - What should I Say?

I received this message from a parent:

my son was just diagnosed with schizophrenia he is in a facility for the second day for treatment his phone calls start out fine normal I should say then he starts asking me to come pick him up that he is fine an wants to come home I try to let him know I love him want him home but it may be awhile he needs treatment and to understand his illness and his treatment its a process it will be awhile after awhile he will listen.

Then few minutes later he calls back ask if on my way we do this about 10-20 times then Hr or sometimes less he calls back talking normal then he goes back to the when you gonna be here to pick me up im bored I talked to them leave soon as you can come this is very disturbing to me sometimes.

I feel like he is OK an just begging me to come get him other times I know he needs help I just don’t know what to say to him every phone call


First, let me tell you how sorry I am that you have been given this news. This site has so much good information that I wish I had found early on. Parents can only offer reassurance that they are in a safe place and actually ask them if they feel safe and why or why not. This is hard to tell the difference between their delusion and what is really going on. Keep it positive and remind them what they need to do. My son had to to be reminded a bit about what was necessary to get out. Until they find the right meds expect more frantic calls. When he gets better, he’ll likely have group classes to keep him busy and you might not get as many calls. It is so hard to transition and see your child change but try to realize he is in a safe place for now. He would likely be so vulnerable on the street. Come back often to share with others on this site and know that we have been where you are now and it gets better. This is a age place for you. God bless


I have committed my son several times because the injectable is not working. He will not take anything orally. If he would just take the oral meds he would probably be okay.

Is he in a hospital or center?

They will probably not keep him long. This is what happens when I commit my son.

I would just tell him that until the doctor releases him you cannot do anything. That he will have to be patient. You don’t have to answer the 10 or 20 times that he calls. I know it is easy to say this, but you need to be strong. It is for his good.

I don’t know if my answer helps.


Thank you for the response I’m trying to stay strong threw all this giving the place an treatment the benifit of doubt that runs through me I did turn phone off after 44 calls some were good calls some weren’t at one point he did ask were am I why am I here how did I get here I just kept reassuring him to follow what they want they are trying to get you in a good place to be able to understand what is going on I do understand he needs to be there for awhile an its a process I will have to bear with to be able to get him were he needs to be it is very hard to deal with I know an don’t wish this on anyone or any family your incourageing words will help me sleep tonight thank you again an yes he is in a behavior mental health hospital

Yes, Cindi57, it’s good to try to rest.

I did not have to answer that question more than once or twice a day, so it was easier for me. I kept saying, “It’s up to the doctors.” Because that’s what the doctor told me.

Ask your son to request and fill out a release of information form so you can speak with the doctor and other treatment team members at the hospital.

It sometimes takes a few days for the doctors to decide on a medication and even longer for one to start to work.

Please try to take care of yourself during this time. All best to you.

In February 2016, my son was hospitalized for non compliancy to his medications and had decompensated greatly. He would call me and ask that I pick him up. I would explain that I would do so when the psychiatrist determined him to be well enough to be released. Sometimes, I would not answer the telephone; however I would listen to his messages. I wish you the best. Things will get better.

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They think there not sick, and don’t be long there. My son now taking dissolving pill called Olanzapine ODT10 MG a day. And cooperating with us. Remember they don’t want to be sick either, but out of their control. Very hard to get use to the new person they are. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

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