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Son's delusions - an interesting development


My son is taking inspiration from some of the rock music he listens to, and weaving some of his delusional thinking into lyrics/poetry. I think it is actually good, he kind of can see that it is composed, and it makes it less real. If he can distinguish these voices as something that he can write down, that he is actually composing, they will not be so scary to him!

It also gives me a tiny bit of insight into what is happening in his head - and makes me more empathetic about his fears.


Being able to write down the delusions and hallucinations can be very helpful. It can help put things into better perspective if they can see them written down. The more scared my daughter was of her delusions and hallucinations, they worse they got. When she felt better emotionally, they got less threatening and she was better able to reality check. Not all the hallucinations and delusions are nasty, some are quite pleasant (some are REALLY REALLY NOT). They could be very amusing, tell her nice things about herself. She has gotten so used to them and they are under control at this time so she feels like she would miss them if they were gone. These voices are now her friends, they have been through all the rough times when her real friends abandoned her. Even though it’s hard for me to understand what it’s like, if they aren’t torturing her, and she can function, I’m fine with it. My screen name, is because I am one of 21 angles she has watching over her (she made a list and all kinds of people were on it-celebrities, people she knew-people I’d never heard of. Now that is a pleasant delusion, is it not-to think you have angles helping and watching over you?) At this point her negative symptoms and cognitive deficits worry me more than her positive symptoms.

I am so glad you got some insight that helped you empathize, I think they need empathy and it’s hard to imagine what it;s like for our kids to struggle with this.


hmm…Even after all theses years of writing down many other things, I just never thought about writing down that which others consider delusions in a different form. …oh, but now they will know. Maybe not in writing form, but a twist on the way I see it. It has to be acceptable if it is to remain free. doubt anyone would want to read it, but those that do, I figure are the ones involved.
I’will just have to make it a theme.
Thanks for the new idea!


Once my son wrote a rap… Can’t say it pictured me in a nice light lol however I did appreciate the insight into what he was thinking and feeling.


we really do see things. for us they are actually there just as much as the computer your using is there


Yes I have grown to understand that my son sees and hears things that I do not see and hear. I don’t doubt that. What is so regrettable is that much of it is frightening and disturbing to him. I have no problem with him perceiving things other than what I do - all I want is for him to be happy and able to do the things he wants to and is capable of doing! If he is hearing from these voices that he will not be allowed to go to college, I am very saddened, because I know how much he wants to go to college.


i was blessed all my psychosis has been violence free. must have been my sheltered child hood


I’m glad for you cactustomato! My son clearly hears some very unfriendly things.


My son’s voices say derogatory things about him, and tear him down. Seems to me, the more my son tries to fight them, the harder they fight back.


I don`t think my son has ever spoken to anyone about what he hears or sees. None of us know what is going on in his head. Very secretive.