SSI and earning money - charge for room and board?

If a family member is living with you and is earning some money from employment, do you have to charge them for room and board in order to bring their income down enough to make SSI worthwhile? If so, how is this documented? Do you just keep a spreadsheet?

Bear with me here I have a broken arm. If I had not charged my son rent he would have received less money . originally he received less because we didn’t have a mortgage on our house - to SS that meant there was no rent expense for him to share

When we built the apartment his SS went up to the max as long as we charged him rent

When my son started working he earned about 200. That amount was low enough to not change the amount of ssi or ssdi he received but it did lower his snap

Keep records of everything

I don’t have a mortgage either, but property taxes and utilities would have to count. And food also.

How did you break your arm Hope?

Hope is correct. Keep all receipts and keep track of everything. Check for fair market value for rent. Keep his money separate and transfer the funds you are charging for rent. DO NOT COMINGLE funds. You can be charged with elder abuse if you do. Don’t ask me why I know. No good deed goes unpunished.

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i never thought about making the point of property taxes (and insurance?)

My daily walk that gives me a break from caregiving went poorly - I slipped and fell hard on concrete. I was hurrying when I slipped, hopefully I have learned from this experience. :upside_down_face:

@Lilsis Did you see that the “covid” supplement for SNAP is ending in March? There was an article that said discussion was under way to allow SNAP recipients to accept meals without having to report it and have their next month’s amount reduced.

My doctor said the bone ends have not moved so I am supposed to have the arm out of the sling a couple of times a day for exercises and straightening. So glad to be able to type again!

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